Our Legacy as a Premier Vape Juice Manufacturer

December 31, 2009

After many months of research and planning, Halo sells its first bottle of e-liquid to consumers at www.halocigs.com.

February 2010

Halo e-liquid is delivered to its first international consumer.

September 2010

The Halo Company goes global, providing e-liquids to international resellers, giving
birth to what is now the Nicopure Labs Wholesale Program.

December 2010

The Halo Company launches its first line of hardware, a three piece pen-style device
called the Element.

June 2011

The Halo Company launches its first two-piece hardware system, G6, for vapers who prefer a cigarette-like e-liquid experience.

March 2013

The Halo Company launches the eVo e-liquid line under its sister company, Nicopure Labs, LLC.

April 2013

The Halo Company enters the open-tank arena with the release of the Triton Tank System.

June 2014

A state-of-the-art 110,000-square-foot production and fulfillment facility is acquired in Gainesville, FL.

August 2014

The Halo Company merges with Nicopure Labs, LLC, uniting the Halo and eVo brands.

September 1, 2014

Nicopure Labs establishes its corporate headquarters in Trinity, FL.

September 2014

Nicopure Labs releases its award-winning Halo blends under the Purity brand in the United Kingdom.

June 2015

Nicopure Labs forms its European Headquarters in the Netherlands.

October 2015

Nicopure Labs launches its high VG line of Halo flavors.

November 2015

The Reactor and Tracer are born when Nicopure Labs launches its sub-ohm hardware lines.

December 2015

Nicopure Labs LTD is formed in the United Kingdom.

January 2016

The Vapor Technology Association (VTA) is established, with Nicopure Labs as a founding member.

September 2016

Nicopure Labs wins the Golden Leaf Award for BMJ Most Committed to Quality.

June 2018

Nicopure Labs launches SPIRO, it’s first CBD product line.

September 2019

Nicopure Labs launches Halo CBD

March 2020

Pure Labs launches as a one-stop Global Manufacturing Solution

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