Integrity is Evident in our Products

“Some companies consistently develop products that succeed with customers. Other companies often fall short. What differentiates them is integrity”

—”The Power of Product Integrity”, K. Clark and T. Fujimoto, Harvard Business Review

 Our focus on product integrity is an attribute that differentiates our brands from the rest.  A controlled supply chain, ingredient & product traceability, and manufacturing facility security are just a few elements that ensure our products are reliable and consistent, and the necessary safeguards are in place to protect our consumers.

Here are a just few distinguishing features that ensure our product’s integrity:

  • We work exclusively with reliable supply partners who have a proven track record of quality systems and experience in food, pharma, and other raw materials.
  • We implemented lot tracking and child-safety caps well before any regulation imposed these
  • We inspect and test our incoming materials rigorously in a secure, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
  • We store and distribute our products responsibly and with full inventory traceability.
  • We provide Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (click here).
  • We adhere to strict compliance with regulatory filings.
  • We respond to business partner and consumer suggestions promptly.
  • We vigorously defend and protect our trademarks worldwide to ensure that consumers are not misled by products that violate our intellectual property rights.
  • In situations where our product reaches consumers through intermediaries, we provide the necessary support to ensure product integrity to the final user.

In order to meet upcoming Good Manufacturing Practices, regulators and stakeholders expect us to have controlled, well-documented manufacturing, storage, and distribution processes. We stay ahead of the regulatory environment through rigorous product protection and quality standards as well as voluntarily investing in facilities that far exceed government requirements.

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