Social Responsibility

Everything we do is for the betterment of our industry and our community. We aim to practice proper disposal and recycling habits, conduct ethical labor practices, and follow the research.

Environmentally Sound Manufacturing Practices

We work with local authorities to ensure all necessary steps are taken to protect our environment. Our manufacturing facility is surrounded by a beautiful backdrop of lush vegetation that creates a spectacular work environment for our employees.

Proper Disposal and Recycling

We take great care to recycle and properly dispose of all company materials, and strongly urge our business partners and consumers to do the same.

Putting Community First

We are active within our local community and bolster the job market through our employee recruitment efforts.

Ethical Labor Practices

Our labor practices are fair and ethical, and we hold our foreign suppliers to the same standards. Should there be evidence of inappropriate labor practices, we will not hesitate to take decisive measures.

Following the Research

We research and adopt the best available science surrounding vaping products, but also acknowledge that more investigation is needed to fully characterize their true impact on tobacco-harm reduction. In that regard, we remain open to collaboration with academic institutions and research organizations worldwide in support of sound science.

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