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Here are just a few distinguishing features that ensure our products’ integrity

  • We work exclusively with reliable supply partners who have a proven track record of quality systems and experience in food, pharma, and other raw materials.
  • We spearheaded the implementation of lot tracking and child safety caps well before regulation was imposed.
  • We inspect and test our incoming materials rigorously in a secure, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.
  • We store and distribute our products responsibly and with full inventory traceability.
  • We provide Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets.
  • We adhere to strict compliance with regulatory filings.
  • We respond to business partner and consumer suggestions promptly.
  • We vigorously defend and protect our trademarks worldwide to ensure that consumers are not misled by products that violate our intellectual property rights.
  • In situations where our product reaches consumers through intermediaries, we provide the necessary support to ensure product integrity.
  • Meet all “Good Manufacturing Practices” requirements by having a controlled and well-documented manufacturing, storage, and distribution process.
  • We stay ahead of the regulatory environment through our rigorous product protection and quality standards.
  • We invested in facilities that far exceed government requirements.

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